My Guardian Angel,

~ to whom God's love commits
me here!


Share your name with us, and together in spirit join us as we enter a new and exciting experience, an interactive and visually stunning virtual-reality play staged in a little town full of extraordinary events.


Play at home? Discover the real-life miraculous events experienced by children just like yourself from across the world, who with their guardian angels believe and journey to this secret world to connect and share with you what they see today!

Music by Marie-Jeanne Fontaine

"Dear children!
I am the Immaculate Conception

~Our Lady of Lourdes

Tourist & Villager

Anyone can play My Guardian Angel for free as a Tourist or as a Villager! Play and chat freely with thousands of other players as you explore the exciting world of Lourdes

Seek out fun jobs each day to earn KP (Kids Playing Money) coins, the town's virtual currency and use your KP coins to go shopping in all the different shops!

Own Land

Earn points to purchase your own Real Estate in a nearby town, personalize your building into a home, a guesthouse, resturant, shop or anything else your can possibly imagination even YOUR VERY OWN CASTLE!

Create unique clothing, food, drinks, furniture, and even throw your own party as you invite villagers and pilgrims from all over the world to visit your estate!

" Visit this watery world and take a dip
in the town's fav miraculous pool!"



Take a leap of faith! Come along with us today in real-life and visit this tiny little town, broadcasting LIVE your experience shared with your guardian angel today . Become the real-life characters in this new and exciting virtual play, scripted LIVE for an interactive story-telling experience like the world has never seen before, the miracles of Lourdes!

Junior Creator

How Creative Are You? Learn the YouthDigital courses that will teach you how to create games, animation, fashion & your very own Mobile App! Upload your creation into the Medjugorje World news where you can invite all of your friends to see your incredible talent!

Team Up!

With you Guardian Angel team up with us, as we fundraise to feed 322 children for a whole school year at the Youth Academic Institute school in Liberia.